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LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 22: Pedro Pascal attends 'The Forge' experience inspired by the Star Wars series The Mandalorian, to celebrate the launch of The Mandalorian Season 3, on February 22, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Disney)


The Mandalorian S3 Finale's Biggest Mistake Robbed Us Of An Amazing Dogfight

This story contains spoilers for Season 3 of "The Mandalorian."

In the Season 3 finale of “The Mandalorian,” Axe Wolves uses a jetpack to fly into space — and violates the in-universe rule that the show had set for itself earlier in the season.
Back in Episode 4, it's established that jetpacks can only be used to carry their users a relatively short distance, so Axe Wolves shouldn’t be able to go all the way into space.

Fans theorize that the discrepancy might be due to differences in build quality between the

Children of the Watch and Axe Wolves’ equipment.

While unconfirmed, the theory offers a possible in-universe explanation for the jetpacks’ seemingly increased power in the Season 3 finale.