LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 14: (L-R) Beyonce Knowles, Pharrell WIlliams and Tim Rice attend the European Premiere of "The Lion King" at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on July 14, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage)
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Disney’s "The Lion King" is so iconic it's hard to fathom that anything about it could have been different, but there are about a hundred alternate versions of the classic movie that are filling DVD drawers and streaming catalogs. However, you'd be surprised at what the dynamic between Scar and Simba was originally supposed to be.
As revealed by Disney Theatrical Group president Tom Schumacher in 2017, the reason Matthew Broderick was cast as Simba was that the original plan for the character involved him being raised by Scar. "The whole idea was that Simba didn't run off with Timon and Pumbaa," Schumacher said.
In the original plan, Simba was meant to "grow up with Scar, and be the goof-off kid. It was all supposed to be this throw-off, kind of Ferris Bueller, goofing around, delightful scamp." A conversation between Schumacher, Broderick, and Nathan Lane (who voices Timon) features Broderick looking rather stunned as he processes the information, which was news to him as it was to us.