London, UK - March 17th 2022: The Lion King musical at the Lyceum theatre in central London, UK.
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The Lion King
Disney Probably
Doesn't Want You
To Remember
Disney’s “The Lion King” is a widely known and incredibly popular coming-of-age story that’s been loved by audiences since the movie was released in 1994. Disney says “The Lion King” is an original story, but the studio was accused of plagiarizing another animated project that came out nearly three decades before.
Japanese artist Osamu Tezuka created a manga called “Jungle Emperor Leo” that was turned into a TV series in 1965, renamed “Kimba the White Lion.” Not only does “The Lion King” protagonist, Simba, have a very similar name to Kimba, but both projects have very similar storylines as well.
“The Lion King” also has animation sequences that are nearly identical to those in “Kimba the White Lion,” but “The Lion King” co-director Rob Minkoff claims he’s “not familiar” with Kimba’s tale. Disney's promotional department said “The Lion King” plotline “originated in the story department of Disney Feature Animation” around 1990.