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Even though it has ended, "The Big Bang Theory" has millions of devoted fans, who often discuss some pretty interesting theories about the series. There's one theory about Leonard that, if it were true, would change everything about "The Big Bang Theory."
The theory posits that everything that happens in the show's entire run, after its first episode, is all just a dream of Leonard's. After meeting Penny, Leonard dreams up a life the two could have together, which includes an on-and-off relationship, engagement, marriage, and Penny's pregnancy.
It doesn't hold much weight, as there’s nothing to really back the theory up, although some point to the show’s use of dream sequences as potential evidence. It’s far from the only fascinating theory about "The Big Bang Theory," but with the series over, there's no way to figure out if any of them are true, and fans will just have to revisit the series and look for clues.