The Law & Order Legend Who Will Appear In An Organized Crime Episode


Now in its second season, “Law & Order: Organized Crime” is a part of the massive “Law & Order” franchise. Episode 19 sees the return of a franchise veteran that longtime fans are sure to recognize.

Dann Florek first appeared as Captain Donald Cragen on the “Law & Order” pilot in 1990, and he has appeared in 69 “Law & Order” episodes and 332 “Special Victims Unit” episodes. That said, he has only appeared in four episodes since 2013, including a 2021 appearance to mark “SVU’s” 500th episode.

According to the synopsis of the upcoming episode, Elliot Stabler will reach out to Cragen “when Donnelly's version of events [doesn’t] match up to what Stabler remembers about his father's heroic rescue on the job.” Fans interested in seeing Cragen’s return can tune in to “Organized Crime” on April 7th.