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Any show centered on known historical events and figures such as King Alfred, Aethelred, and Aethelflaed, Lady of Mercia is bound to invite scrutiny from history enthusiasts, academics, and historians. And while "The Last Kingdom" bases its dramatic action on well-researched history, it is guilty of some heinous historical inaccuracies.
Early medieval historian Professor Ryan Lavelle, the show's historical advisor, has said that the show follows historical events, in his words, "reasonably closely, with a certain amount of license." But the most shocking historical inaccuracy for some fans is the much-loved shield wall, which Lavelle says is most likely misrepresented in the show.
The tightly overlapped and multi-layered battle formation often used by the Danes in "The Last Kingdom," is actually a Roman tactic. Lavelle points out that early medieval armies more than likely lacked the discipline and precision to effectively use such a technique.