The Lara Croft Actress From Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Is Gorgeous


Though many dedicated "Tomb Raider" players would recognize that the voice of Lara Croft changed in the reboot gaming series, they might have trouble recognizing the voice-over actress. To the surprise of no one, the newest voice behind Croft is drop-dead gorgeous in real life.

Actress Camilla Luddington stars as Lara Croft in "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" in addition to other recent "Tomb Raider" titles. Luddington has an impressive body of work in live-action television, including parts in "True Blood" and "Californication," not to mention her long-running role as Dr. Jo Wilson on "Grey's Anatomy."

Fans of DC Comics adaptations may also recognize her from her voice-over work as the sorceress Zatanna in the "Justice League Dark" animated movies or as Supergirl in the game "Infinite Crisis." Luddington has insinuated that her V.O. work in “Shadow" might be her last performance as Croft, but we look forward to seeing this versatile actress continue to shine.