The Kensi Blye Scene That Went Too Far On NCIS: Los Angeles


Special Agent Kensi Blye, who is played by actress Daniela Ruah, is one of the most compelling characters on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” and her relationship with fellow agent Marty Deeks adds even more depth to her character. However, that doesn’t mean the moments that come out of this relationship are always welcomed by fans.

In the two-part Season 9 finale, Kensi and Deeks get into an argument regarding their wedding and future together in the midst of trying to save a kid in Mexico. It’s not uncommon to see TV couples argue but doing it while an entire team is trying to save a small child from a life or death situation, is certainly not the place.

The scene is also far from the first time Kensi and Deeks have gone back and forth regarding their issues and there are plenty of viewers who are tired of seeing this rehashed storyline. A Reddit thread about the couple wrote that whenever they are alone they always revert “back to their marriage” and it has been repeated too many times.