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Regrets Passing
Besides being one of the most legendary musical artists in the world, Madonna also has a stellar career in acting which has seen her star in hit movies like “Dick Tracy,” and “Evita.” However, she did turn down one particular role she regrets, which would have seen her star next to action icon, Keanu Reeves.
During a recent appearance on "The Tonight Show," host Jimmy Fallon asked her about two roles she famously turned down in the 1990s: Catwoman in "Batman Returns" and the Cristal Connors in "Showgirls." Madonna added that “I also turned the role in “The Matrix” which instantly shocked Fallon.
Madonna didn't say which part she turned down but given her star power, she likely would have been up for the starring role of Trinity. Ultimately, Trinity was played by Carrie-Anne Moss and since its release, "The Matrix" has spawned a lucrative sci-fi franchise, including sequels, animated shorts, and video games.