The Joke You Never Noticed Opens And Closes The Office


Re-watching “The Office” is a national pastime, but if you pay close attention, there are several things about the first episode that can only be caught on a re-watch. For example, there's one joke that appears in both the pilot and the finale.

In the pilot, Michael comes out of his office and surprises Jim from behind with a drawn-out "Wassuuup." Jim meets the outdated and overused Budweiser commercial reference with slight disdain, while Dwight gleefully joins in, creating a delightfully awkward moment.

In the final episode, Oscar Martinez joins Dwight's bachelor party limo and attempts to be one of the guys by shouting "Wassuuup." It lands with the characters about as well as it did when it was first used, but it's a cute call-back to the pilot and a nice way to bookend the series.

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