The Jarl Kare

Scene In

Netflix's Vikings:

Valhalla That

Went Too Far

The Netflix series "Vikings: Valhalla" features Jarl Kåre, a bloodthirsty former Pagan who plans to eradicate the old ways in place of the new. Kåre applies brutal methods to wipe the old Viking ways from existence, coming to blows with Freydis Eriksdotter, the brave Pagan follower and sister to Leif Erikkson.
We learn that his first trip to Uppsala holds a childhood horror that set him on this path. It was here that Kåre watched as his brother was sacrificed to the gods and, to his horror, killed on the spot.
Seeing the young boy run off in terror and fury makes it more clear as to why he became the devout Christian we've been introduced to. Sure, he may be the monster of "Valhalla," but we get a glimpse in the briefest of moments of the man hiding underneath.