HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 01:  (EDITORS NOTE: This image contains profanity) Johnny Knoxville attends the U.S. Premiere Of "Jackass Forever" held at TCL Chinese Theatre on February 1, 2022 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
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Stunt That Could
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Johnny Knoxville
It's safe to say that the age-old lesson of knowing your limits was never entirely understood by the "Jackass" crew. Director and producer Jeff Tremaine recalled one idea he thankfully thwarted, which could have taken out Knoxville for good.
Deemed by the "Jackass" director as "the only bit that I shut down during 'Jackass,'" the plan was to have Knoxville get shot with beanbag bullets he purchased himself. Tremaine told The Nine Club that Knoxville, “found this stunt guy that was willing to do it. He's lining up, and we draw a target on his stomach."
According to the director, the "Jackass" poster boy didn't even bat an eye, saying, "Look, we only have one more. We're here, let's just do it." Tremaine made a last stand and replied, "No! Let's not do it! You do it, I'm taking all the cameras, no one's going to see it but you and this f***ing stunt man!"
Knoxville told The Hollywood Reporter that the only thing that was protecting him from getting killed was a cheap bulletproof vest and a stack of porn magazines. Knoxville said getting shot was “like someone took a shovel and hit you in the chest as hard as they could."