The Intense Jurassic Park Scene That Makes No Sense


Even in a Steven Spielberg classic film like “Jurassic Park,” which details a first-time visit to a theme park with real dinosaurs, logistics and reason sort of go out the window. There are some moments in the groundbreaking sci-fi film that still, even after 29 years, don't make sense and leave fans scratching their heads.

Picture the scene: you're trying to hack into a computer system to stop a park that’s gone haywire, your back against the door, with one of history's most lethal predators knocking on the other side. You have a gun within arm's reach a foot out of reach, if only your plucky, young brother would lend a hand and pass it to you so you could fend off the ferocious attacker. If only...

As it turns out, that just wouldn't help the tension-scale that Spielberg is sending through the roof as Lex tries to get the park back online. Instead, her dino-loving little brother Tim is hanging on the back of her chair to see how she's doing, instead of reading the room or attempting to help the grown-ups fighting for their lives nearby.

Okay, so kids shouldn't be anywhere near guns — but they also shouldn't be within reach of a prehistoric deadly hunter that runs like a cheetah. In the list of mosquito-sized issues in this masterpiece, this gripe finds a way.