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There are just too many things going against "The Incredible Hulk" to give it much of a chance against the rest of Marvel's robust pantheon of films. There wasn't much of an established MCU tone yet, Edward Norton's moody performance certainly doesn't help and a solid plotline is nowhere to be seen.
The Incredible Hulk
The second “Thor” film is widely considered the weakest in the MCU. While there are important plot points that merit a first-time watch, when rewatching the Saga this film becomes filler that is easily skipped.
Thor: The Dark World
The film feels overloaded as Stark combats a strange combination of Aldrich Killian, the fake "Mandarin," and an inner struggle with PTSD. Any one of those three could have been interesting on its own, but instead, there is too much going on to flesh out any of these plotlines to make them compelling enough for multiple viewings.
Iron Man 3
"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" is another movie that fans were inclined to trash as they parsed through their least favorite MCU installments. The movie does have entertainment value and the cast delivers another fine performance but the plot has very little to do with the Saga as a whole.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Other dark horse candidates that tend to get skipped in a rewatch are "Captain Marvel," "Doctor Strange," "Thor," and "Black Panther." The connection is they’re all origin stories and when binging Phase One of the MCU, most fans want to stick to the larger storylines with a multitude of characters.
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