The I Am Legend Detail That Has Fans Looking Twice At The Infected

With the number of zombie movies and post-apocalyptic films, it is easy to look at "I Am Legend" as a straightforward narrative. However, what if we don't know the whole story of the infected?
A recent online theory suggests that Neville (Will Smith), who lives in solitude, hiding from the Darkseekers after a widespread pandemic destroys all life, is the film’s true villain. Reddit user J_Schermie posits that Neville was not only the bad guy, but the infected were afraid of him, and he is so prejudiced against them that he doesn't realize they're trying to go about their lives.
Another Redditor notes that this theory makes the movie line up closer to the unforgettable ending of the book that inspired the film. Unlike many internet theories, this hypothesis holds serious weight and makes the movie far more powerful than it initially seems.