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Early on, Howard's main purpose in life was trying to hook up with women and his tactics often crossed the line into the creepy and stalker-like behavior. Penny regularly found herself on the receiving end of Howard's gross tactics, but the scene in which it's revealed he gave her a teddy bear so he could spy on her through a hidden webcam is arguably his worst moment.
During the Season 4 episode titled "The Hot Troll Deviation," Howard visits Penny to ask if Bernadette has talked about him, but the scene takes a dark turn when Penny shines a spotlight on his previous obsessive infatuation with her. During their exchange, she brings up his creepy voyeuristic past, stating that she wouldn't have opened the door if she had known it was him.
As one Redditor points out, what he did was illegal, noting that Howard would have ended up on a registry if she took action over the webcam incident. Furthermore, the Reddit user believes that she should have contacted the authorities. "He deserved it, he deserved worse," they wrote.