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The Hocus Pocus
Character Who
Very Nearly
Sported A Michael
Jackson Look
When it comes to spooky family movies during the month of October, fans love to resurrect the Sanderson Sisters every year by watching the 1993 movie "Hocus Pocus." Along with its antagonistic witches, the movie's success is largely attributed to its memorable characters, and this particular character's creepy costume was almost inspired by the King of Pop.
Originally, a leather suit reminiscent of Michael Jackson's early days was intended for the stitched-mouth zombie Billy Butcherson (Doug Jones). In the film, Billy's ensemble comes across as gothic chic, and it gives the character a creepier vibe than he probably would have had with the pop star's influence.
In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Jones said, "I'm glad they ended up going with more of a period look." As one of the four immortal characters returning for the Disney+ sequel, "Hocus Pocus 2," Billy's costume will be almost identical to what he wore in the first film, and they even borrowed his original wig from a private museum to complete his iconic look.