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The Hilarious
Editing Mistake
That Made It Into
An Episode Of NCIS
Editing mistakes aren't uncommon in television and even popular shows like “NCIS” have made them. One such hilarious and subtle mistake came in Season 7, Episode 14, titled "Masquerade" where the team was tracking down a rogue terrorist organization after a car bombing.
The mistake comes when Timothy McGee gets mocked by his co-workers for attending an online wedding at work and the scenes cut back and forth between the digital wedding and McGee's reactions. Every time that the scene cuts back to McGee and his coworkers, we can see the same background character walk down the stairs behind them.
We never see him walk back up the stairs, he simply marches down over and over, each time the camera focuses on McGee. It may seem mundane, but with no shots to establish continuity each time he descends the staircase, it seems more like this poor soul is trapped in some sort of stair-based time loop.