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Creator Seth MacFarlane's show "The Orville" follows the ship's crew as they explore space in an homage to the "Star Trek" franchise. The premise for the series is nearly identical to “Star Trek’s,” down to being populated by unique alien species and even a virtual simulator resembling the Holodeck.
During a recent episode, a computerized version of Dolly Parton made an appearance to Heveena (Rena Owen) in the episode "Midnight Blue" to give guidance to her dilemma. Usually, the actors would share the stage and perform the scene together, but MacFarlane revealed on Twitter, "Fun fact: Dolly and her side of the cabin were filmed in Nashville, while Heveena's side was filmed in L.A."
Thanks to modern technology, a replica of the cabin, and seamless editing, the two actors could shoot their scene while being on opposite sides of the country. Owen and Parton did get to meet in person, as was shown in Parton's Instagram photo of the two together in Nashville, leaving some fans confused — fortunately, director Jon Cassar replied that Owen did travel there for Dolly.