UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 01:  Photo of Frank SINATRA; posed, next to microphone, recording at Columbia Recording studios, Liederkrantz Hall  (Photo by William Gottlieb/Redferns)
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The Heartbreaking
Way Frank Sinatra
Is Linked To
When "Seinfeld" was becoming a pop culture phenomenon, music legend Frank Sinatra was ending his "The Ultimate Event" tour with Sammy Davis Jr. and Liza Minnelli. Even though the entertainment icon was never one of the many guest stars on the show, he is linked to the show in a rather heartbreaking way.
On the evening of May 14, 1998, Sinatra suffered a massive heart attack and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His wife Barbara, who was out to dinner with friends, bypassed red lights to make it to Sinatra's bedside before his passing and according to fire chief Mike Smollen, such speedy transport was achieved thanks to the nearly-deserted streets.
This odd phenomenon, he said, was because the masses were at home watching the series finale of "Seinfeld" as the episode was watched by 76.5 million fans. If the "Seinfeld" finale aired on a different night, it's hard to say if Barbara would have gotten this opportunity to say "goodbye" to her husband.