The Hawkeye Scene In MASH That Went Too Far


"M*A*S*H" secured its place in the annals of TV history with its renowned series finale, which drew 105.97 million viewers, making it one of the most-watched television broadcasts of all time. There was one scene, however, that fans felt went too far.

In the finale, Hawkeye experiences a breakdown and recalls to a psychiatrist that he ushered refugees out of Korea on a bus. During a flashback, we see Hawkeye frantically try to quiet the passengers for fear of being discovered by the North Korea patrol, including a woman who must smother her squawking chicken to death.

The true devastation hits when the anguished Hawkeye remembers that it was not a chicken, but actually her baby. "Why did you make me remember that?" he seethes, teary-eyed, which is the question many viewers ask when someone brings up the scene.

However, many viewers commend the bus scene for capturing the show's balance of tone. The finale truly showcases the ability "M*A*S*H" had to handily offset the horrors of war with a light, comedic touch.

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