The Haunted American Pickers Find Danielle Wouldn't Let Mike Sell


“American Pickers” stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz need an extra pair of hands to manage the business while they’re on the road, and Danielle Colby has been doing that from the very beginning. Colby’s friendship with Wolfe goes back years before the show started, and her job is to sell whatever comes into the shop.

However, there was one piece that Colby, an avid ghost hunter, just couldn’t let go of. Wolfe picked up a foot locker filled with personal items from a woman named Mary Reaver, and Colby said “the vibe in the air got crazy” when she went near it.

Colby said the foot locker included tarot cards, divination sticks, and some personal letters marked “Do not read.” Ultimately, she convinced Wolfe to let her keep some of the items, including those letters, by telling him about their occult nature.

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