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The Good Doctor
Season 6: Release Date, Cast,
And Plot

ABC revealed that "The Good Doctor" will make its Season 6 premiere at 10 p.m. ET on Monday, October 3. Season 6 is likely to follow the previous seasons' broadcast schedule, with new episodes until late November or early December, returning in mid-January 2023, and a season finale airing near the end of May.

Release Date

Many members of the main cast of "The Good Doctor" are expected to return for Season 6, and the medical drama will also add two new cast members. Brandon Larracuente and Savannah Welch will play Daniel and Danica, respectively, both members of a new class of interns.

The Cast

The focus of the initial episodes will be the aftermath of Dr. Audrey Lim getting stabbed twice by Owen. There’s also the job offer Dr. Morgan Reznick received, which means moving to New York and jeopardizing her relationship with Dr. Park, and the show will delve into the challenges Dr. Murphy faces in his new role of Surgical Attending.

The Plot