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On a subreddit dedicated to "Gold Rush," fans shared their suspicions that cast member Fred Lewis' operation is staged. Redditor u/mudpupper initiated the conversation by saying, "This is not a real gold mine folks, just like last year," and stated that the drone footage shows a very small site compounded by the fact that it took four days to add dirt to the berms prove this theory.
This statement caused several others to agree, with u/P1ckleRiiick stating, "So funny how these networks literally hit gold when they just let you have a glimpse in their life, but once popular, they feel the need to manufacture a story and ruin the show." Redditor u/USArmy51Bravo agreed, believing that the show has "jumped the shark."
Redditor u/Ordinary_Shallot_674 added, "One of his guys on episode 17 was talking about 'Making a living'...I haven't seen Fred Lewis weigh enough gold to cover their costs yet, let alone make a living." Redditor u/Cyprexina is also at the end of their rope when it comes to Fred: "He's just some TV personality and not there to really mine."