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While some "Game of Thrones" fans may remember Jefferson Hall's turn as Ser Hugh of the Vale in Season 1, for most viewers, his appearance was too brief. Now fans can get a double dose of Hall on "House of the Dragon" as he portrays twins Tyland and Jason Lannister.
We first meet this brotherly duo in Episode 3, beginning with Tyland, a crafty and calculating adviser to King Viserys Targaryen, but when he tries to impart urgent news during Aegon's party, he is ignored. Later, we see the pair of twins standing together, ready to cheer the arrival of the royal family to celebrate Aegon's name day.
Jason's hair is longer and shaggier, distinguishing him from his brother, but we learn this isn't the only distinction between the twins. When Jason brashly flirts with Rhaenyra Targaryen telling her he'd "do anything for his queen, or lady-wife," we see the same self-assured arrogance that we will eventually come to know in his descendant, Jaimie Lannister.