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The Gamble Andor's
Showrunner Knows
He's Taking With
Star Wars Fans
"Andor” will follow Diego Luna’s titular spy as he gets involved with the Rebel Alliance. It is clearly going to have that same gritty feel that "Rogue One" brought to the “Star Wars” franchise, but showrunner Tony Gilroy knows that he's taking a big risk with fans in delivering such an ambitious series.
In essence, Gilroy wants to draw in both longtime fans and new audiences by portraying the “smallest domestic dramas [...] and interpersonal relationships [...] in the midst of epic tectonic revolutionary historical moments where people have to make huge decisions.” “Can we marry those two things together? That's the gamble,” he concludes.
The full "Andor" trailer definitely won fans over with its fast-paced action and stunning visuals, so hopefully, the series will resonate with general audiences too because it's something new. It doesn't really relate to the Skywalker saga either, so it's not like newcomers need to watch its nine films in preparation for "Andor" when it starts streaming on September 21.