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The Futurama
Episode That
Wouldn't Make
Sense To
Modern Fans
The popular animated sitcom "Futurama" aired between 1999 and 2013, so there is no doubt that there is a vast catalog of material that the show references. While a lot of those references still manage to hit the mark today, there is one episode in particular that went too deep with referential humor.
Season 10, Episode 6, was made in good fun but has gone on to be an infamous one amongst fans. A review from The A.V. Club reads in part, "[The episode] settles into an unimaginative groove. It's inconceivable to compare an episode of Futurama to the films [like] 'Epic Movie' and 'Meet The Spartans’, but the three segments here succumb to that benighted genre's misguided idea that simply making reference to something that's come before constitutes a joke."
The dated references didn't help either. As one Redditor questioned Nixon's editing, asking, "I didn't get why he was doing the voice-over. Was it a reference to something?" It makes sense that a team of people working on an animated show would be passionate about cartoons. And while that passion truly shows in their loving parodies of these series, it sadly doesn't translate to modern audiences as intended.