The Friends star who almost played Phil Dunphy in Modern Family


“Modern Family” was a huge hit during its 11-year-run, and it gave us an extremely memorable cast, including the flawed-yet-endearing dad Phil Dunphy. It’s difficult to imagine anyone besides Ty Burrell playing Phil, but it turns out that a “Friends” cast member nearly got the part.

Matt LeBlanc went on to star in a handful of projects after “Friends” ended in 2004, with varying degrees of success. The role of Phil Dunphy came his way in 2009, and even though he liked the script, he didn’t feel like he was the right fit.

There's no way to know for certain how Matt LeBlanc would have approached the character of Phil Dunphy. Considering how well Burrell did in the role, though, it's safe to say that the show ended up with the right choice.

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