393352 01: The cast of the television show "Scrubs" poses for a publicity photo. (Photo Courtesy of NBC/Getty Images)
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The cast of “Friends” have all seen dramatic ups and downs in their careers since their days on the iconic show ended. While they've all had some level of success on the acting front, some have sought gigs behind the camera, but for one "Friends" legend who called the shots on a memorable episode of "Scrubs," directing has so far turned out to be a one-and-done affair.
The small screen legend whose lone directing credit came on "Scrubs" is Matthew Perry, who portrayed the ever-anxious Chandler Bing in every season of "Friends." The "Scrubs" episode that Perry directed came during its fourth season on the air and found Perry at work in front of the camera as well.
The episode was titled “ My Unicorn” and even though his acting was spot on, as usual, his work behind the camera perfectly captured the series' often complicated mix of character-driven drama and absurdist comedy. Perry's "Scrubs" episode is so solid that it makes one wonder why he hasn't directed anything else.