Kelsey Grammer looking shocked in Frasier


The Frasier Reboot Ruins The Original Series Finale
The series finale of “Frasier” left fans with a romantic ending. However, the 2023 “Frasier” reboot dropped a bombshell that nullified that original heartwarming conclusion.
At the start of the two-part “Frasier” series finale, Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) is aboard a plane and begins recounting to his seatmate what brought him there.
It seems Frasier is on his way to San Francisco for a new job. However, the last episode reveals he flew to Chicago to pursue his love interest, Charlotte Connor (Laura Linney).
While what happens next is left intentionally vague, viewers can assume Frasier lives happily ever after with Charlotte after choosing a grand romantic gesture over his career.
The “Frasier” reboot takes place approximately 20 years after its predecessor, mirroring the amount of time that has passed between both shows.
At the start of Episode 1, Frasier meets up with his friend Alan Cornwall (Nicholas Lyndhurst) and reminisces. He reveals that his gambit from the original series finale paid off.
However, just prior to the events of the new show, Charlotte left Frasier. After dropping this bomb, Frasier moves on to other topics, so it’s unclear what went wrong between them.
On a Reddit thread about Charlotte’s absence, user indianajoes said, “It’s just odd that Charlotte is now his longest relationship and even that is over like it’s no big deal.”