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The Former US
President That The
Boys' Showrunner
Doesn't Forget
Is A Fan
"The Boys" has quickly become one of the most beloved and watched series on Amazon Prime so it’s no surprise the series has been picked up for a fourth season. This is excellent news for fans of the superhero series, which, amazingly enough, includes a former president of the United States.
Each December, President Barack Obama releases a list of his favorite movies, music, and TV shows from that year. In December 2020, his list included shows like "The Queen's Gambit," "The Good Place," and "I May Destroy You," but among these prestigious shows was also “The Boys.”
In a recent interview showrunner, Eric Kripke revealed that he often thinks of Obama’s endorsement of the show when editing the more questionable scenes. He explained, "Like, 'Can you imagine President Obama watching this scene right now? And what he must be thinking?' I really hope we make his list again. But I also understand why we might make a 'Dear God, I've made a terrible mistake' list."