The Forgotten Dune Miniseries That Starred William Hurt


"Dune" fans waited a long time for an adaptation that lived up to the hype of Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel. David Lynch's 1984 film was a disappointment, but fortunately, Denis Villeneuve delivered an impressive adaptation with "Dune: Part One," which was released in 2021 to much celebration.

There is also a forgotten adaptation starring William Hurt that came out in the year 2000 and received some critical praise at its release. "Frank Herbert's Dune" was released as a three-part miniseries on Syfy.

In the miniseries, William Hurt plays Duke Leto Atreides, a dream role for the actor who was a fan of Herbert's novel before being cast in the series. The adaptation was a hit for the network, winning two Emmy Awards and spawning a sequel, "Frank Herbert's Children of Dune," in 2003.