The forgotten character Paul McCartney played in Pirates of the Caribbean


The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise is known for its incredible sword fights and spectacular ship scuffles, but it also manages to hide some massive stars behind some very intense makeup. The franchise has had plenty of well-known names on board, including some musical legends.

Besides the ingenious casting of Keith Richards as Jack Sparrow’s father, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" managed to rope in Sir Paul McCartney for a cameo. McCartney played Sparrow’s Uncle Jack, whom he reunites with for a brief moment in a prison cell before being carried away.

McCartney said that he made the appearance as a favor to his famous friend, Johnny Depp. He has known Depp for a while, and he appeared in the film to repay him for the favors Depp had done in the past, like appearing in his music videos.

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