The First Star Trek Actor To Play A Vulcan, Klingon, And Romulan

Mark Lenard has played multiple roles in the "Star Trek" universe, even though he's probably best remembered as Sarek, the father of Spock (Leonard Nimoy). Lenard first appeared as Sarek in the original "Star Trek" series and would go on to also play the character in "Star Trek: The Animated Series," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and the third, fourth, and sixth "Star Trek" films.
Lenard's first role in the franchise wasn't as a Vulcan, but rather as the first major Romulan character in the show, playing a hostile commander in the first season. In "Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” Lenard portrayed a Klingon captain, making him one of the only "Star Trek" actors to play three unique roles of different alien species.
Lenard always embraced the "Star Trek" franchise and its legacy throughout his long career. The actor also narrated the video game "Star Trek Omnipedia” and wrote a "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" comic book, which was published shortly before Lenard's death in 1996.