TV - Movies
The First Scene
Of Law & Order's
2022 Crossover
Event Is Already
Too Real For Fans
THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR the "Law & Order" three-hour crossover event.


Loyal "Law & Order" fans have been with the Dick Wolf universe for decades now, and they've seen it all. Some of the most gruesome and horrific cases you can think of made their way to primetime TV, so it's no surprise that the epic three-series crossover event included an opening scene that was brutal to watch.
The opening scene depicted a Ukrainian family being shot down in their village by Russian soldiers. Fans took to Twitter to express their shock over the real-world Russia-Ukraine situation playing out in their favorite TV shows. With one fan asking, "Is this really the right time to reenact scenes from the war in Ukraine?"
There have been dozens of occasions where it's obvious they're pulling from a real-life story that's in the headlines, but that was painfully evident in the crossover. "Starting off with Ukraine stuff? Oh hell no I'm trying to ESCAPE reality," tweeted @Music_Is_Me88. The firefight in Ukraine only occurred in the first scene, but it stuck with fans throughout the three-hour event.