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In Marvel’s “Moon Knight,” on Disney+, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) frees Ammit, the ancient Egyptian devourer of damned souls, and in a pivotal moment, Harrow becomes Ammit's human avatar. Harrow still loses in the end, but his surprisingly calm reaction when faced with being obliterated by the god he worships has viewers comparing him to another past TV villain.
Fans of the series suggested that Arthur Harrow is similar to The Operative from "Firefly." Discussion on Reddit pointed to Harrow's dedication, even at the cost of himself, which makes him even more terrifying.
The Operative is an interplanetary black ops agent who dedicates his life to his government and commits heinous acts in the name of a better future, much like Harrow. The key difference is that Harrow doubled down when Ammit changed her code, while the Operative pivoted when his understanding was deepened, but they both paid the price.