The Fantastic Four Easter Egg We Never Saw In Black WidoW


A story of her own

The long overdue "Black Widow" debuted in July, over a decade since Scarlett Johansson's titular Russian operative entered the MCU via 2010's "Iron Man 2." In finally giving Natasha Romanoff a spotlight of her own, the film had a lot of ground To Cover.

20th Century Fox

the Walt Disney Company made a major business move by acquiring 20th Century Fox In 2019. They gained the film rights to several beloved Marvel Comics characters, like XMen and fantastic four making them fair game to join the current MCU down the line.

Easter Egg that never was

"I might've had a reference to [Doctor Doom's home country Latveria in there — I might have, but I don't think so," screenwriter Eric Pearson said with a laugh, noting that he doesn't recall the idea lasting too long before they scrapped altogether.

Dr. Victor von Doom

Latveria is ruled by one of the most sinister villains to call the marvel universe home, dr. victor von doom. A villain frequently at odds with the fantastic four may be set to enter the MCU soon, but evidently, "Black Widow" wasn't the right place to tease their introduction.

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