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The Family Guy
Running Gag That
Never Fails To
Make Fans Laugh
Throughout the impressive 20 seasons of Fox's "Family Guy," there are several gags that creator Seth MacFarlane revisits numerous times. Classic examples include Peter clutching his knee for several minutes after injuring it and his battles with Ernie the Giant Chicken — but there’s one long-lasting joke that fans find the funniest of them all.
Longtime viewers of “Family Guy” will know that when a character falls, they do it in the most awkward way possible – facing sideways, one arm limply flung over their back, legs sprawled at a 90-degree angle. On Reddit, fans praised the gag for standing the test of time, like U/bose_courage, who said, "I've noticed that they fall like this for years and it's hilarious. Idk why."
Another user agreed, saying, "It's one of my favorite things about the show. Never fails to make me laugh. No matter how they fall, they almost always end up like this." U/chep209 accurately described it as a "rag doll effect," and as U/donut_extravaganza summarized, "Whenever they had someone fall, they tried to come up with the most awkward position for them to fall in."