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Raising Age Gap
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Missed In Tangled
"Tangled" is commonly cited as one of the films that led to the modern revival of Disney's animated pictures. While the story is more or less a wholesome one, with a bit of an edge due to subverting the classic fairy tale (plus Flynn Rider's cheeky narration), there’s one element of the movie that is definitely questionable.
An overt part of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel's dynamic is that Flynn is more worldly and less naive than the princess, but some fans may not know that Flynn is 26 years old in "Tangled," making him eight years older than Rapunzel. This is the most significant age gap between a couple in all of Disney's animated films.
Also, while the ending of "Tangled" confirms that Flynn and Rapunzel got married, we learn in the short film "Tangled: Ever After" that Rapunzel turned down his first proposal. Disney added a bit of nuance to their relationship this way, making it clear that even in medieval times, not everyone was ready to get married at the tender age of 18.