The Ending Of The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 12 Explained


Eugene finally hears Max's side of the story. Max is upset at Eugene for not figuring out Stephanie was an imposter, but understands he lacks experience in romantic relationships, which made him susceptible to Shira's manipulation.

Stephanie is Max

Ezekiel is angry when he figures out Carol cheated the system to secure his life-saving surgery and is morally conflicted about accepting the procedure. However, he opts to go through with the surgery, despite his acknowledgment that it was unethically obtained.

Ezekiel’s Surgery

Despite Maggie's concerns about her new neighbors, she almost joins the Commonwealth, beguiled by their freely available, copious resources. In the end, she decides to live her life in a humble manner while her most trusted followers choose to defect to the Commonwealth.

Maggie says “No"