The Ending Of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 Explained


After being cut as musician Shy Baldwin’s opening act for telling too many risqué jokes, Midge Maisel has spent Season 4 performing at an illegal strip club and rejecting gigs at other venues. In the season finale, the club gets raided, and she finds herself still in debt and going nowhere in her career.

Lenny Bruce, a longtime friend and ally, comes to the rescue with a great new gig, but Midge refuses to do it, as it’s an opening act. The two finally act on the tension between them and sleep together, and the episode draws to an end with Lenny rebuking Midge for turning down the job and telling her that she can’t be so picky if she wants to be successful.

After their fight, Midge stumbles out of Carnegie Hall into a blizzard and sees a billboard for “The Gordon Ford Show.” As it has been announced that Season 5 will be the final one, this scene hints that Midge will take Lenny’s advice and go on Gordon Ford’s show as her next step.