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The Ending Of
Raised By Wolves
Season 2
The theme of motherhood is rampant in “Raised By Wolves” and not a single one of the series' various mothers has a straightforward or traditional relationship with their offspring or creations. The season repeatedly foregrounds the dynamic between Creator and Creation, as an allegory for motherhood.
Mother is forced to kill the one child she believed she carried — and gave birth to on her own. Rationally, the viewer knows that Mother is a robot, but her human appearance and emotions force the audience to question that definition, just as they're forced to question, in Season 2, how being able to create factors into that definition.
According to Grandmother, the conflict between one side and another is inevitable when it comes to human beings and viewers learn that the planet has seen its human inhabitants devolve into amphibious creatures. But what is also revealed is that Grandmother played a pretty major role in that devolution.
Grandmother's Agenda
Thanks to Grandmother's lack of human emotion, she's able to approach the problem of ensuring the survival of the human race in a very pragmatic, soulless way by accelerating their devolution. She creates a video game to dull their minds with the belief that the human who cannot think or question cannot create and thus cannot destroy itself.
Spotless Mind
The series ends with three allusions that have ties to Christ, Odin, and the hangman of the traditional Tarot which are references to faith. The juxtaposition of these allusions, of course, is that Marcus' references faith in the quest for knowledge, while the allusion to Christ references faith in the quest for "everlasting life."
The finale asks its audience whether or not humanity's instinctual will to live (as in, to simply survive) is greater or lesser than our desire to think, learn, and create. Is the latter truly, as Grandmother reasons, inevitable in its prevention of the former, or merely indicative of a species not yet evolved enough to create in a manner beneficial to its own survival?
Finale’s Question