The Ending Of Premonition Explained


"Premonition" is the 2007 Sandra Bullock psychological thriller that presents a nightmare scenario: what if you found out your significant other was going to die soon? Bullock’s character Linda keeps time jumping to different days on the week her husband Jim will die, giving her a chance to save his life and maybe even her marriage.

During the movie’s time jumps, she realizes Jim is both going to cheat on her and he’s going to die. While she’s able to stop the affair from happening, her attempt to save Jim’s life backfires and her interference is literally what causes his death.

The movie's message is: that some things in life, such as death, are unavoidable. However, the way we conduct ourselves in relationships is very much under our control, and even if we can't stop tragedies from occurring, love is still worth fighting for.