The Ending Of Picard Season 2 Episode 6 Explained

In Season 2 Episode 6, the Watcher has led Picard and the La Sirena crew to a gala where Renée is in attendance before her potentially galaxy-altering mission to Europa. During a discussion between Renee’ and Jean-Luc, he keeps having visions of his mother, which could’ve been triggered by Renée reminding him of her.
Jean-Luc’s visions continue when he enters a coma-like state after being hit by Adam Soong’s car that was meant to hit Renée instead. Later Soong tells Corey that he is a failure and that she will just be another one of his failed projects, Corey sneaks into his lab and finds video proof that she isn’t Soong’s real daughter.
Finally, Agnes Jurati is notably missing from the crew as they gather around Jean-Luc’s bedside because the Borg Queen has completely taken over her body. The episode ends with the Borg Queen-controlled body of Agnes waltzing through the streets of Los Angeles, clearly up to no good with no one to stop her, as the crew is otherwise occupied.