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The Ending Of
Moon Knight
Episode 6


After Marc almost gets killed by Harrow and experiences another unexplained blackout amidst fighting, it is Harrow who is found on the ground. The reversal can only be explained by the presence of Jake Lockley, the third identity that shares a body with Marc and Steven, but is working with Khonshu. He ends up kidnapping Harrow from the hospital and shooting him while Khonshu looks on.
Jake Lockley
Layla initially rejects and then agrees to become Tawaret’s avatar after she finds out Team Egyptian Pantheon needs more avatars to fight Ammit. In return, the hippo goddess gives her information about her father’s afterlife and a winged costume. Despite Layla saying that her services are temporary, she also confirms her Egyptian superhero status when a young girl asks.
Tawaret-Layla Team
When Harrow releases Ammit and becomes her official avatar, the crocodile-headed goddess and her followers begin their purging of unworthy souls. Their plans are thwarted when Moon Knight and a Tawaret-powered Layla defeat Harrow and trap Ammit inside his body. The shock ends up hospitalizing Harrow, who then gets shot by Jake Lockley, destroying Ammit.
Harrow and Ammit
Instead of solely being a fight between Harrow and Moon Knight, everyone joins the battle. Moon Knight goes back and forth between his main costume and Steven’s Mr. Knight persona, Layla as Tawaret’s new avatar comes to help against Harrow’s cultists, and Ammit and Khoshu have their own grudge match in the background.
Superteam Fight
While the good guys seem to have won for now, Khonshu declares in the final scene that Marc’s troubles are just beginning, as he is determined to keep using Jake as his dangerous and violent avatar. The moon god is also in a suit that resembles what Khonshu wears as the villain in Jeff Lemire’s "Moon Knight" comics.
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