The Ending Of Moon Knight Episode 2 Explained


THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR Moon knight Season 1, Episode 2


Early in the episode, Steven almost literally bumps into Layla, Marc’s wife and Khonshu's choice for his next avatar. Layla doesn’t need a romance angle to be an interesting character, but “Moon Knight” may be setting up the strangest of love triangles between her, Steven and his alternate personality.

Layla El-Faouly

Fans were delighted when the Mr. Knight persona popped up in the marketing material and the secondary super-suit finally turns up in this episode. Instead of being a separate personality or an alternate costume, the Mr. Knight suit manifests only when the Steven personality uses it.

Mr. Knight

It is revealed that Harrow is so familiar with the voice Steven is hearing because he too has been an avatar of Khonshu. We also learn that Harrow is serving Ammit because he believes the goddess can destroy evildoers wholesale before they even commit their crimes.

Harrow's Hidden Depths

Steven discovers some of the terrifying things Marc has done as Khonshu's avatar, then reluctantly allows him to become the dominant personality. In the end, the questionable motivations of Khonshu leave an ominous cloud of uncertainty around what could happen until Marc’s debt to the moon deity is paid.

Debt to Khonshu