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The Ending Of
Money Heist:
Korea Season 1
Part 1 Explained

THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR "Money Heist: Korea" Season 1 Part 1.


Berlin has one of the most important roles in the Season 1 finale, and the makers of the show might have some big plans for him. But while this Korean Berlin is noticeably different from the Spanish original, he's still the gang's field leader and a wanted fugitive, so his chances for a happy ending seem pretty slim.
Early in the series, the Professor is revealed to be none other than Park Sun-ho, the unassuming cafe manager who also happens to date Seon Woo-jin, the South Korean cop working on the hostage crisis. Since Woo-jin did manage to read Anne’s message, the Professor might have a whole lot of crisis control to do when the show returns.
Towards the end of Part 1, the Professor makes some seemingly sloppy mistakes: he uncharacteristically asks Woo-jin to consider leaving the task force, and draws the suspicion of Cha Moo-hyuk when he reveals that he is the only non-official who can access the task force tent. In other words, the stakes are now higher than ever for him.