The Ending Of Good Girls Season 4 EXPLAINED


Thanks to a rather unexpected cancellation, the final episode of “Good Girls” Season 4 also serves as the finale for the series itself. Beth (Christina Hendricks) wins her election for city council, but her husband Dean (Matthew Lillard) and Ruby's husband Stan (Reno Wilson) have found themselves in an ordeal.

They uproot their lives and start fresh in Nevada, but before they can, Beth is shot by a “gun-for-hire.” A flash-forward in time reveals that Beth survived the assassination attempt, and she realizes that many of the problems that drove them to a life of crime in the first place won't just magically disappear with a move.

Sara's (Lidya Jewett) kidney problem flares up, and Ruby (Retta) once again doesn't have money for medical bills. Additionally, Ben (Isiah Stannard) is discriminated against for being transgender by his new school's lacrosse team, and Beth realizes that she doesn't actually want to leave her life of crime behind.

Beth convinces Ruby and Annie (Mae Whitman) to pull off a good-old-fashioned store robbery, during which a customer shoots Beth, and as she fades away, she realizes that her new life in Nevada was all a dream. Beth awakens back in Michigan, recovering from the assassination attempt, and the FBI declares the shooting a case of "sibling rivalry," implying that they believe Annie is the one who shot Beth.

We’re left wondering if Annie will go down for a crime she didn’t commit, what Ruby will decide to do, and how Beth and Rio’s relationship will change, but perhaps that’s okay. Maybe an unresolved finale was always the best note for "Good Girls" to end on.