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The Ending Of
Season 3
It turns out that Van has been on a journey of self-reinvention, inspired by the French movie "Amélie." However, with "Atlanta" Season 4 reportedly continuing the Europe theme, it remains to be seen how her time in France impacts her, or where her future lies.
Twisted Take On Amélie
Celebrity cameos aren't exactly unheard of in "Atlanta" and they outdo themselves when Van has struck up a somewhat surreal and ruthless friendship with actor Alexander Skarsgård. The actor appears as an unhinged parody of himself who seems to enjoy life in ways that significantly differ from the mainstream, and has a thing for humiliation.
Self Parody
Earn, who’s mostly MIA during Season 3, finally turns up for some post-credits action. Here, he unpacks a bag that contains items that clearly aren’t his, most notably a portrait of a family that seems to belong to another man called either White, Earn, or both. Is Earn destined to take his namesake's place in some way? Only time will tell.
Post-Credits Cliffhanger