The Ending Of All Of Us Are Dead Explained

Netflix’s Korean zombie series “All Of Us Are Dead” followed the teenagers from Hyosan High as they banded together against a zombie virus outbreak that emerged from their science classroom. The seasons’ final scene shows Nam-ra leaping off a rooftop into the unknown and a second season.

The survivors have finally managed to reach ground zero, and the sacrifices begin with Cheong-san getting bitten by the hybrid bully, Gwi-nam.Their ensuing fight culminates with the two tumbling down an elevator shaft just as the military decimates the area with a missle.

School's Out Forever

Nam So-ju reunites with his daughter On-jo after quarenitne, only to get killed by zombies while trying to help her and her friends escape. What's even more poignant is the students find a path to safety, thanks to the ribbons he tied around trees on the mountainside before his death.

Nam So-ju Leads The Way

Before reaching the quarantine zone, Woo-jin turns into a full-blown zombie and is unable to deliver the final blow. The task is left to Nam-ra, the hambie, who decides to leave the group to go back to the virus-stricken streets of Yangdong, as the task has sparked her hunger for human flesh.

Hellish Home Stretch

Four months later, as the virus spreads across the globe the survivors are still in quarantine when, On-jo sees a light in the distance that she believes is a fire that Nam-ra has lit. Together with Su-hyuk, they go back to their old school and find Nam-ra, who tells them that she has accepted her fate and hopes to help hambies like her.

Nam-ra's New Life